Evoé is nominated for the Brazilian Press Awards




YES, IT'S TRUE! We've been nominated SIX TIMES for the Brazilian International Press Awards 2018 and we couldn't be more excited to share these news with you all! Now we need your vote to make us WINNERS!


To vote, visit this link and find us in the following categories:


03. THEATER / Local Production 

"Os Sete Gatinhos" - Nelson Rodrigues - Evoé Collective (NY)


05. THEATER / Male Actor 

Andrei Constanzi Posse - "Os Sete Gatinhos" (NY)

Carlos Caldart - "Os Sete Gatinhos" (NY)


06. THEATER / Female Actor 

Barbara Eliodorio - "Os Sete Gatinhos" (NY)

Laila Garroni - "Os Sete Gatinhos" (NY)

Ma Troggian - : Os Sete Gatinhos" (NY)




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